SAF actively engages in diverse international developments spanning three key geographic regions: South America, Asia, and the Middle East. Whether consultancy projects or our proprietary ventures, each aligns seamlessly with our business model, corporate mission, and core values.

Across these regions, each development encounters unique and occasionally divergent market fundamentals. While the appeal of agriculture to investors grows, the complexities of sourcing and managing high-value developments persist. Our extensive market experience shapes our business strategy, enabling the application of cutting-edge cultivation techniques and the implementation of unconventional practices in consultancy developments, surpassing current industry standards.

For instance, our pivotal role in avocado developments in Mexico and Peru has significantly influenced Vietnam’s evolving sector. Similarly, our expertise has driven innovations in our recent Philippines development, where we pioneer high-density planting to revolutionize the country’s entire industry. Currently, our focus extends to supporting the agro-food industry in the northern part of Extremadura, Spain. Simultaneously, we embark on stevia developments.

Recognizing the imminent transformation of the tobacco sector in northern Extremadura, Spain, we invest in alternatives to ensure a brighter future for farmers. The looming end of subsidies in 2027 necessitates a shift towards diverse agro alternatives, and we actively address this challenge. Join us in these transformative endeavors, where innovation and sustainability converge to shape the future of agriculture.

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