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Within our product division, Sustainable Agro Foods Ltd collaborates closely with investors to acquire land for diverse projects, exploring opportunities primarily in agro foods and raw materials globally. Our unwavering commitment is to deliver enduring value in high-growth sectors within the agricultural and forestry industry.

Our seasoned team, well-versed in the intricacies of international markets, has successfully managed a spectrum of products worldwide. From Avocados to Jalapenos Chili, Stevia in Hydroponics for leafy greens, and Limes our ventures span across a rich variety of agricultural offerings.

As we continue to expand our activities, we strive to identify new and lucrative projects, ensuring alignment with our core objective of sustainable growth. Join us on this journey as we cultivate opportunities, harness global potential, and contribute to the sustainable development of the agricultural and forestry sectors.


Cultivating avocados in Europe for the international market is economically significant due to rising global demand for avocados. Local production reduces dependence on imports, supports employment, and stimulates economic growth. Additionally, it contributes to a more sustainable and resilient food supply chain, aligning with Europe's goals for agricultural self-sufficiency.



Cultivating limes in Europe holds economic importance by contributing to global markets and fostering regional growth. Limes are in demand for their versatile use in various industries, from culinary to cosmetics. The nutritional benefits, rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, make them appealing to health-conscious consumers. Increased production in Europe not only enhances self-sufficiency but also positively impacts employment, trade balance, and supports sustainable agricultural practices.



The jalapeno farm project in Northern Extremadura province by SAF not only promises economic impact but boasts impressive production characteristics. With an estimated yield of approximately 50 tons per hectare, the venture aligns with efficient agricultural practices. This high production rate contributes not only to meeting the demands of the European market but also establishes a competitive edge, making it a lucrative endeavor for local farmers. The cultivation of jalapenos becomes a symbol of sustainable agriculture, supporting both economic growth and culinary diversity in Europe.



SAF and Biostevera's partnership in stevia cultivation offers a natural, zero-calorie sweetener, catering to health-conscious consumers. Biostevera's focus on pure stevia aligns with the demand for healthier alternatives. The expansion in Spain signifies a commitment to meeting growing demand in Northern Europe, particularly Germany and Denmark. Stevia's versatility in various industries positions the alliance to provide a sought-after, sustainable product in the European market.



Virus Shield Bioscience's palm oil production, meeting bio-combustible regulations, brings significant economic benefits to Indonesia. Palm oil, known for its efficiency and versatility across industries, plays a key role in the country's economy. The project stimulates job creation and income in rural areas, contributing to overall economic growth. As a major global exporter, increased palm oil production positively influences Indonesia's trade balance and foreign exchange earnings. With a focus on sustainability and technology, the project sets a high standard for responsible and profitable palm oil cultivation, aligning with environmental and economic goals.

Palm Oil
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